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Girl's Party Welcome Pack

surprise your friends, fill your fridge, order a week before


12 bottles Strongbow Gold Cider 4.5% 330 Ml

1 bottle Finlandia Vodka 40% 0,7 L

2 pc Cappy 100% Orange Juice 1 L

2 pc Chio Party Mix Salted Crackers 200 G

Boy's Party Welcome Pack

surprise your friends, fill your fridge, order a week before


24 boxes of local beer of 0.5l

1 bottle Ballantine's Finest Scotch Whiskey 40% 0,7 L

1 bottle Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey 40% 0,7 L

1 pc Chio Salt Pototao Chips 150 G

1 pc Chio Onion-Cream Potato Chips 150 G

1 pc Chio Cheese Potato Chips 150 G

2 bottles  of Coca-Cola Carbonated Soft Drink

Breakfast basket

for next morning ... order a week before


1 Cappy 100% Orange 1 L

1 milk 2.8% 1 L

1 box Kellogg's Corn Flakes natural 250 g

1 piece Apricot jam 370 g

1 piece White toast bread 500 g

1 pcs Branded butter 250 g

10 eggs

2 pieces of sliced extra ham 100 g

1 sliced salami 70g

1 slice of sliced cheese 125g

Birthday pack

surprise your mate, order a week before


4 bottles Törley champagne are sweet or dry

1 pc Chocolate Cake (16 slices)

1 pc whipped cream

1 bouquet of flowers

Baby pack

please give us age of your baby


1 HiPP BIO pumpkin potatoes with potatoes 4 months old 190 g

1 HiPP BIO carrot rice with calf meat from 5 months of age 190 g

1 HiPP Blueberry Apples Bébidess 4 months 190 g

1 HiPP BIO apple-pear-banana fruit pulp from 4 months of age 90 g

1 Neogranormon Sensitive wipe for sensitive skin 55 pcs

1 Neogranormon baby popsi shampoo with zinc oxide 100 ml

1 Neogranormon baby lotion 400 ml

1 Babaqua non-carbonated natural mineral water 1.5 l

1 Pampers diapers 22 pcs

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Program offers

Family vacation program ideas

For hen and stag weekends

Program tickets can order by phone +36202899999 or in e-mail:


24 h- 6490 HUF

48 h- 9990 HUF

72 h-12990 HUF

96 h-15990 HUF

120 h- 18990 HUF

72 h Junior- 9990 HUF

• Unlimited travel on public transport free of charge

• More than 100 services

• Free or discounted entry to more than 60 museums and to special sights

• Sightseeing tours with extra reductions

• Reduced price tickets for cultural and folklore programs

• Discounts in restaurants and in spas

Buying a card lets you have unlimited public transport within the city and free entry to a thermal spa, which are some of the most popular attractions in Budapest.


Besides these free services, the card offers a wide variety of gastronomy and cultural options at a discount price.


Gellert Bath opened in 1918 offering medicinal water treatments using the same deep underground springs the Knights of St John used in the 12th century, and later on the Turks to feel the invigorating powers of the mineral rich waters.

Gellért Bath welcomes its guests with spa services, thermal bath, swimming pool, outdoor thermal pool, a wave pool (seasonal), whirlpool, aqua fitness, spa services, massages, sauna, hot air bath, steam bath, pedicure, Sun terrace. Open every day between 06:00 and 22:00. 

- Gellért locker weekdays: 5900HUF/person

- Gellért locker weekends: 6100HUF/person

- Gellért cabin weekdays: 6300HUF/person

- Gellért cabin weekends: 6500HUF/person


Packages on weekdays from 12’900 HUF (bath and massage)

+ Pick-up service: 1-4 pax: 3’600 HUF

FOLKLORE NIGHT (Danube Palace)

An evening of great quality entertainment. Take delight in an authentic experience and get to know the country’s vast culture in the most spectacular way possible.

  1. cat.: 11200 HUF/adult, 10500 HUF/student

  2. cat.: 10100 HUF/adult, 9400 HUF/student

  3. cat.: 7700/adult, 7000 HUF/student

  VIP: 27200/person

You can mix the Folklore Show with the Danube Cruises offers.

Please, ask us about the package prices.


Enjoy an unforgettable day, cruise while discovering Budapest in a relaxing and convenient way. Choose from more programs with reduced price, if you purchase from us. 


Coffee&Cruise: 4300 HUF/adult, 4000 HUF/student

Craft Beer&Cruise: 9300 HUF/adult, 8800 HUF/student

Cocktail&Cruise: 8300 HUF/adult, 7700 HUF/student

Wine&Cruise: 10600 HUF/adult, 9900 HUF/student


You can mix the the Danube Cruises with Gala and Organ concert or with the Folklore Show.

Please, ask us about the package prices.


Budapest from the air!

If you want to see the wonderful panorama of the city from the air… come and get a ticket to:


Cessna Tour:

1 person: 85000 HUF

2 persons: 95000 HUF

3 persons: 105000 HUF


R44 Helicopter Tours:

1 person: 190000 HUF

2 persons: 190000 HUF

3 persons: 210000 HUF

+ optional pick-up 

DINNER & CRUISE (Danube Palace)

Explore the stunning view of Budapest from boat on Danube, while you enjoy the live music show and/or try a buffet-styled lunch or dinner.

Cruise @14:00:

Drink&Cruise: 5700 HUF/adult, 5200 HUF/student

Lunch&Cruise: 12300 HUF/adult, 11300 HUF/student


Cruise @19:00:

Drink&Cruise: 6900 HUF/adult, 6200 HUF/student

Dinner&Cruise: 16500 HUF/adult, 15500 HUF/student


Cruise @22:00 with live music:

Drink&Cruise: 6200 HUF/adult, 5700 HUF/student

Dinner&Cruise: 14200 HUF/adult, 13200 HUF/student


You can mix the the Danube Cruises with Gala and Organ concert or with the Folklore Show.

Please, ask us about the package prices.


Meet 3 unique ruin pubs in the capital with drinks.

Every Friday and Saturday!


Adult: 4500 HUF

Student: 3900 HUF

Let the Hungarian market’s atmosphere charm you!


The Great Market Hall was win the Best Markethall of the World championship in 2013.


Let you guided through this sparkling market between the impressive walls and taste various specialty of Hungarian culinary. 

Adult: 8400 HUF

Student: 7700 HUF


Jewish themed guided walk tour in the central of Budapest.


Meet with the Jewish Hungarian heritage and taste the delicious kosher foods (only in the grand tour).

Essential Tour: 9600 HUF/adult, 9000 HUF/student

Grand Tour: 15700 HUF/adult, 14400 HUF/student

HK Orgona.jpg
ORGAN CONCERT @St. Stephen’s Basilica

The largest and undeniably most beautiful church in Budapest welcomes you to a special night which will amaze all of your senses. Headlined by Hungarian music talents performing an impressive collection of Hungarian and international classics, the Organ Concert is not to be missed by any music lover.

  1. cat.: 9900 HUF/adult, 9000 HUF/student

  2. cat.: 8700 HUF/adult, 8100 HUF/student

  3. cat.: 6600/adult, 6000 HUF/student


You can mix the Organ Concert with the Danube Cruises offers.

Please, ask us about the package prices.


Spend an unforgettable night in Budapest by visiting a performance combining the most notable Hungarian performing arts!

Serving as the perfect introduction to Hungary’s diverse musical scene, the Gala Concert features soloists from the Budapest Operetta Theater accompanied by the Danube Symphony Orchestra to from a marvelous cultural event.

  1. cat.: 12600 HUF/adult, 11800 HUF/student

  2. cat.: 11200 HUF/adult, 10400 HUF/student

  3. cat.: 10200/adult, 9400 HUF/student

  VIP: 33600/person


You can mix the Gala Concert with the Danube Cruises offers.

Please, ask us about the package prices.

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