Girl's Party Welcome Pack

surprise your friends, fill your fridge, order a week before


12 bottles Strongbow Gold Cider 4.5% 330 Ml

1 bottle Finlandia Vodka 40% 0,7 L

2 pc Cappy 100% Orange Juice 1 L

2 pc Chio Party Mix Salted Crackers 200 G

Boy's Party Welcome Pack

surprise your friends, fill your fridge, order a week before


24 boxes of local beer of 0.5l

1 bottle Ballantine's Finest Scotch Whiskey 40% 0,7 L

1 bottle Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey 40% 0,7 L

1 pc Chio Salt Pototao Chips 150 G

1 pc Chio Onion-Cream Potato Chips 150 G

1 pc Chio Cheese Potato Chips 150 G

2 bottles  of Coca-Cola Carbonated Soft Drink

Breakfast basket

for next morning ... order a week before


1 Cappy 100% Orange 1 L

1 milk 2.8% 1 L

1 box Kellogg's Corn Flakes natural 250 g

1 piece Apricot jam 370 g

1 piece White toast bread 500 g

1 pcs Branded butter 250 g

10 eggs

2 pieces of sliced extra ham 100 g

1 sliced salami 70g

1 slice of sliced cheese 125g

Birthday pack

surprise your mate, order a week before


4 bottles Törley champagne are sweet or dry

1 pc Chocolate Cake (16 slices)

1 pc whipped cream

1 bouquet of flowers

Baby pack

please give us age of your baby


1 HiPP BIO pumpkin potatoes with potatoes 4 months old 190 g

1 HiPP BIO carrot rice with calf meat from 5 months of age 190 g

1 HiPP Blueberry Apples Bébidess 4 months 190 g

1 HiPP BIO apple-pear-banana fruit pulp from 4 months of age 90 g

1 Neogranormon Sensitive wipe for sensitive skin 55 pcs

1 Neogranormon baby popsi shampoo with zinc oxide 100 ml

1 Neogranormon baby lotion 400 ml

1 Babaqua non-carbonated natural mineral water 1.5 l

1 Pampers diapers 22 pcs

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Program offers

Tickets you can order and receive at arrival

Gellért Bath tickets

Cabinet weekdays 5600HUF

Cabinet weekend 5800HUF

Cabin on weekdays 6000HUF

Cabin weekend 6200HUF

+ Combined bath towels with massage

Szechenyi Bath tickets

Cabinet weekdays 5100HUF

Cabinet weekend 5400HUF
Cabin on weekdays 5700HUF

Cabin weekend 5900HUF
+ Combined bath towels with massage

Budapest Card

Discounts in Museums, Spas

5500HUF for the Card valid for 24 hour

8500HUF for the Card valid for 48 hour

10900HUF for the Card valid for 72 hour

14500HUF for the Card valid for 96 hour

Unlimited public transport while the card is valid!

Hop-on Hop-off bus tickets

7 lines and 53 stops

Adult 24 hours, 4 lines: 6000HUF, Student: 5500HUF

Adult 48 hours, 4 lines: 7000HUF, Student: 6500HUF

Adult 72 hours, 4 lines: 8000HUF, Student: 7500HUF

Around 24 hours, 5 lines: 7000HUF, Student: 6500HUF

Adult 48 hours, 5 lines: 8000HUF, Student lines: 7500HUF

Adult 72 hours, 5 lines: 9000HUF, Student: 8500HUF

Cruises on river Danube

with services

Coffe & Cruise: 4000HUF

Lunch & Cruise: 11300HUF

Dinner & Cruise: 15400HUF

Drink & Cruise: 6200HUF

Craft Beer & Cruise: 8400HUF

Cocktail & Cruise: 7400HUF

Wine & Cruise: 9400HUF

Party & Cruise: 5300HUF

Pub Crawl & Cruise: 8500HUF

Jewish Heritage Tour: 11900HUF

Shows, concerts, air cruises

Folklore show: depend on seat 6500HUF to 25300HUF

Gala Concert: depend on seat 9400HUF to 29800HUF

Organ Concert: depend on seat 5200HUF to 9200HUF

Air Cruses: Cessna Tour 70000HUF/80000HUF/95000HUF

Helicopter Tours 135000HUF

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Family vacation program ideas


5200 m2

Capital Circus
Capital Circus

shows, parade, animals


100 trains, 5000 figures

Palace of Miracles
Palace of Miracles

scientific playhouse

Eleven park
Eleven park

indoor playing house

Trófea grill
Trófea grill

all you can eat restaurant


fish, shark, turtle, alligator


all year open

For hen and stag parties

Budapest Fun
Budapest Fun

show girls, dancers

Celeritas Club
Celeritas Club

shooting event specialist

Bath Parties
Bath Parties

party times, tickets

Limousine rental
Limousine rental

8-18 person